How To: Make sundried tomatoes & pepper bread

Make sundried tomatoes & pepper bread

Really add some interest to your bread by making this surprisingly easy recipe for sun-dried tomato and pepper bread. This video shows you how to make a simple bread and then how to add your sun-dried tomatoes and prepare to make a beautiful loaf.

Step 1

Open the can of chick peas and drain most of the liquid. Leave about one tablespoon.

Step 2

Add the chick peas, sun dried tomatoes and tahini to the food processor. Squeeze the lemon juice into the food processor. Peel the garlic and add that to the mix.

Step 3

Turn the food processor on high for about five minutes until the sun dried tomato hummus forms a thick paste. If it is to thick you can add a little more lemon juice or water.

Step 4

Season the sun dried tomato hummus with white salt and pepper.

Step 5

Serve the sun dried tomato hummus with warm pita bread, vegetables or pita chips. You can make pita chips by cutting the pita bread into wedges and baking in a 350 degree oven for five to ten minutes.

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