How To: Make pita hummus pockets

Make pita hummus pockets

If you are looking for a healthy and flavor packed meal to change up a boring lunch routine then your in luck. This video will show you how to make a pita hummus pocket. You can make your hummus from scratch.

Things You'll Need:

- 1 package pita bread
- 1 container hummus
- Fresh tomatoes
- Cucumber
- Bean sprouts
- Block cheese (Havarti, fresh mozzarella, or muenster)

Step 1:
Slice tomatoes and set aside.

Step 2:
Peel and slice cucumber into thin slices. Set aside.

Step 3:
Wash bean sprouts under running water and place on paper towel to dry.

Step 4:
Slice cheese and set aside. The best cheeses to use for this recipe are Havarti, muenster, and fresh mozzarella. Optionally, you can substitute Jack or mild cheddar cheese.

Step 5:
Open pita package and remove pita bread. Grab one pita and tear off about 1/3 of the top. Set torn piece aside and save for eating later.

Step 6:
Set pita on a plate. Carefully open the pita pocket making sure not to tear the pita.

Step 7:
Scoop approximately one to two tablespoons of hummus into pita and smooth evenly with the back of a spoon.

Step 8:
Slip cheese slices into pita so that they are placed evenly.

Step 9:
Slip tomato slices into pita.

Step 10:
Slip thinly sliced cucumber slices into pita.

Step 11:
Stuff pita with bean sprouts, again being careful not to tear the pita.

Step 12:
The pita is now ready to eat. Serve and enjoy!

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