How To: Make roti (Indian bread)

Make roti (Indian bread)

Roti is a simple unleavened flatbread, which is an integral part of Indian cuisine. Making roti is actually easier than you may think. Join Sheba as she shows you how to make roti (preparing dough and cooking).

Dough is easily made by using a food processor. Here are the ingredients:

*4 Cups - Whole wheat flour
*Pinch - Salt
*12 Ounces - Water

That's it. And once the dough is ready, it's time to start cooking. And cooking this bread, believe it or not, is done right from the burner. No pot. No pan. Just the fire from the burner.

You should eat this roti Indian bread with curry, dhal, or you can simply roll it with a bit of oil and sugar. Kids love it. Tastes best when eaten fresh.

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