How To: Bake banana bread

Bake banana bread

Recipe to prepare 'Banana Bread'.

Ingredients and the steps to prepare the 'Banana Bread' are described as under.
Ingredients (measurements are available at Pan La Sang Pinoy)
· All purpose flour
· Mesh Banana
· Sugar
· Vanilla
· Salt
· Baking Soda
· Egg yolk
· Cooking Oil
Step 1: Mix all purpose floor, sugar, salt and baking soda in a bowl.
Step 2: Use a spoon to mix the above ingredients well
Step 3: Now add egg yolk, meshed bananas, cooking oil and a little Vanilla essence.
Step 4: Beat/stir the mixture until a smooth blend is ready.
Step 5: Butter/spray the cake pan.
Step 6: Pour the blend in the prepared pan.
Step 7: Bake the blend in a preheated oven
Step 8: Slice the baked bread.

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